“Steam Math” is a set of courses that meets the idea of STEAM, involving core mathematics literacy, enhances and focuses on maker teaching of math for elementary school students, which helps boost their creativity. By combining of our curriculum concepts, teaching materials, methods, relative softwares , online courses and professional websites we have a perfect creative course suitable for elementary school students.

The focus of Steam Math

Astonishing video playbacks, the latest new interview and report, start to know about Steam Math.

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STEAM Education Solutions

Steam Math takes the lead of bringing STEAM courses into schools, allowing every children to have creative thoughts.



Leaders of Steam Math

With creative ideas, Steam Math's leaders allows us to be at the top of the new education trend.

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Our Team

  • Founder

    Rongli Xie

  • CEO

    Rongxian Xie

    General Manager
  • Course Director

    Xuefen Hong

    Course Director
  • Chief Lecturer

    Shengchang Wang

    Principal Lecturer