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Talented Architect

Using spacial learning tools of numbers and shapes to explore the relationship between them. Unleash the sprit of makers and try creative stacking. The application of numbers and shapes can briefly be divided into two, either using the accuracy of to describe certain attributes of shapes or adapting shapes for intuitiveness to describe certain relationships between numbers. By integrating numbers and shapes, abstractive mathematical languages and quantity relationship can be combined with intuitive geometric graphics and spacial relationships. By this integration of abstractive and integrative thoughts, complex questions can be simplified and abstract ones intuitive, optimize the methods of solving a problem.

Stacking Master

Using Steam Math’s pyramid to carry out creative ways to stack and promote the spacial perception of students. Explore various ways to stack pyramids and enhance student’s ability to think.

The Seed of Kingdom Ideal

Through arranging the Plato polyhedron and explore it’s nature, students would be able to strengthen their problem solving abilities. Followed by the arrangements of Archimedean’s polyhedron, which can improve student’s ability to think.

The Dice Code

Discover the nature of a cube’s net. Properly use the nature of geometrics to solve problems.

Puzzle Master

With twelve different colors, explore the wonders of the pentomino. The pentomino, also known as the “5-omino” involves geometry, topology, operations research, graph theory and other fields within the mathematic world. Through arrangements of two-dimensional graphics, student’s two-dimensional spacial perspectives can be enhanced, allowing them to use methods such as shifting, turning and flipping when solving a problem.

Tangram Geometrics 36

Using three to seven tangram puzzles to complete combinations of geometric shapes. Along with arrangements of creative shapes to enhance the concept of two-dimensional graphics.

Unlimited Possibilities

With six different colors, easily operate and get hold of the nature of triangles and quadrilaterals. Increase spacial perceptions through different combinations of cubes and rectangles.

Amazing Graphics

Enhance the concept of two-dimensional graphics. Increase knowledge in tessellation through arrangements of basic geometric shapes.

The Great Shift

Through different game operations, calculation laws can be found during the process and reasoning abilities can be improved.

Waltz with Beans

By observing, discussing and categorizing scattered information, seek the arrangement patterns of the beans, which then leads students to find the four basic forms and complete all possible arrangements. Using simple games and rules to cultivate student’s speculation, verification and logical thinking abilities.

Stacking Fun

Using the arrangement of various Soma cubes to make creative graphics and represent the graphics in forms of numbers. Through splitting and combing operations of three-dimensional shapes, student’s spacial perceptions can be enhanced and can then realize that one graph can have various assemble ways.

Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire, also known as “Sole Noble”, is a self-challenging board game that can be traced back to the France nobles in the 18th+G18 century. The French Peg Solitaire, Chinese HuaRong Path (Slide Block Puzzle) and the Hungarian Rubik’s Cube are known as the three impossibles of the puzzle world. Through completing various numbers of Peg Solitaire challenges, student’s thinking and problem solving abilities can be enhanced. Along with trying out other solutions, which can allow students to gain multiple ideas of how to solve a mathematical problem.

The Attack of Numbers

Understand the purpose of multiplication, along with multi-level understanding of math and realization of applying math to real-life problems. Allowing students to through sorting and distributing activities to understand the meaning of division under certain circumstances.

Math Detective

Help student to get familiarized with addition, understand the meaning of addition and use it to solve real-life problems. Along with using horizontal and vertical ways to record addition subtraction through synthesized activities and adapt it to real life situations.

Peg Solitaire with Pool

In the process of challenges within Peg Solitaire and Pool, students can discover the relationship between the exits and the length and width of a pool table, which helps boost their logical thinking ability.