We are currently leading the educational trend of STEAM education

Then, how should a school introduce STEAM education?

One of it, let your teahcers learn about STEAM Education, then start a course, however, this can be a challenge to public school teachers.
Second, through cooperation with STEAM education companies, it can be seen as a solution of introducing courses, introducing teacher trainings, introducing teaching methods and other series of products.
The main feature of STEAMath's team is our high sensitivity of math, we're good at “getting hold of educational trends and creating learning advantages.” We've built various “STEAMath creative classrooms” in various places, not only do we introduce courses, introduce teacher trainings, introduce teaching methods, but also uses after sales and another sets of solutions. Allowing teachers to fully get hold of the meaning of teaching and strategy of teaching. Which also helps reduce the teacher's pressure and actually adapts STEAMath's creative thinking courses into their classes. Our courses are deeply loved by our students.