"SteaMath" short for “Steam Courses for Math” is a set of courses that meets the idea of STEAM, involving core mathematics literacy, enhances and focuses on maker teaching of math for elementary school students, which helps boost their creativity. By combining of our curriculum concepts, teaching materials, methods, relative softwares , online courses and professional websites we have a perfect creative course suitable for elementary school students.

With our idea of “Do Math, Talk About Math and Play With Math”, we aim to cultivate our student's advanced creativity and their ability to think. Using teaching aids, teaching materials and relative softwares, online courses and in-class learning can then be combined into our STEAMath creative course.

This set of course is based on four main fields of math in elementary school, student's age, characteristicsand and learning pattern. With six main plates and thirty six modules of learning content that are accurately designed according to student's age, characteristics and learning pattern. Along with Spiral Curriculum course plans and a complete teaching system, we are able to cover teaching materials, exercises, interactive digital courseware and teaching aids that can support student's explorations in class and encourages them to share with others in class. Learning analytics and online analytics would be held after class along with other challenges, which can boost student's application, analysis and creative thoughts. Making our students to not only “love” math, but also “love learning” math.

With D.I.Y courses, STEAMath allows students to actually solve problems with their own hand, this boosts the functionality of their right brain and helps balance their brain development. Which then helps promote the brain's borderless ability to learn and create and motivate student's to be creative. The overall design of this project build up to a set of course that is suitable for students to learn and develop, on the other side, also helps teachers learn and improve their classes. We believe that with the use of STEAMath's course, we would be able to help a large amount of students with their learning, development and creativity.


Committed to the highest quality of education in math.

Create the most innovative and most student-suitable.

Creative thinking course and environment.



Persists the spirit of learning while doing.

Reflects the idea of “Do Math, Talk About Math and Play With Math”.

Allows our student's brain to develop comprehensively and surpass their limits.


STEAMath takes the lead and is the first in the world.

We are the pioneers of creative thinking math

and we're going to start a new field



We're different from others

Let our children follow

the new education trend, STEAM

When you say something, I hear it.

When you do something, I see it.

When you let me get involved, I actually learn it!

Massive interactive activities in-class,
Do it yourself, try it yourself,
Class is fun, easy to learn and easy to understand.

Teachers teach on stage with students listen on their seats,
when the teacher writes, students would write along,
Cramming teaching would only lead to passive learning.
Students can't actually learn much, they would only memorize the books.

Possess distinctive math abilities,
Increase creative thinking abilities,
Build good thinking habits and put what they've learned to practice.

Being prepared for exams is our ultimate goal.